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  • 26 Minutes of Fail/Win/Funny/Weird: Creative Commons Selection

    26 Minutes of Fail/Win/Funny/Weird: Creative Commons Selection

    Hey All, Thanks for all the views – we’ve just started a new site (www.Loldor.com). Make sure you check it out! ————————————————————————————————————– Fail compilation created using videos available from public domain/creative commons – More Below … Please like/subscribe/link to and I’ll try to get a few more together over the next couple of weeks. If you have any fail videos we can add please shoot us an email! UPDATE: Hey all, Had a few questions about the source videos, for [...]

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  • Scary accidents compilation caught on video! Part 1

    Scary accidents compilation caught on video! Part 1

    Check out our other channel youtube.com – Scary accidents compilation caught on video PART 2 www.youtube.com FUNNY VIDEOS ACCIDENTS compilation #4 HQ High Quality www.youtube.com Lustig www.youtube.com automobile transportation vehicle

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  • Funniest videos ever!

    Funniest videos ever!

    Compilation of my favorite moments of Failblog to the sound of one of my favorite songs– Shine On, by The Tunics, which goes wonderfully well with it. for full videos and tracks go to: failblog.org myspace.com/thetunics

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  • Funny compilation 6

    Funny compilation 6

    Song: ♫♪♫ Kaiser Chiefs – Na na na na naa ♫♪♫A self made movie by Spikky7 ” funny compilation Part 6 ” Best of Bloopers, homebloopers , fails, homevideo’s, American Funniest Videos, afv, clips, accidents, great moments, pranks New, crazy, fails, win, funny , lauhging, summer , childeren, people, Collection , fail, best ever, Amazing , awesome, extreme, Hilarious,Funnest, Haha , lol , Rofl falls month : january february march april may june july august september october november december year [...]

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  • Charlie bit my finger – The Accident

    Charlie bit my finger – The Accident

    So many people have asked me for more video of the boys and as I wanted to get more anyway here is the first new one. With respect to ‘Charlie bit my finger – again !’ I do not think I will ever match the fun I find in that video, however this clip should entertain those of you who have enjoyed the first. I have tried to reduce the length, but in so doing it lost much of the [...]

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  • America’s Funniest Bloopers (AFV satire)

    America’s Funniest Bloopers (AFV satire)

    Satire of AVF: America’s Funniest Videos. Here’s a parody of the lame pratfalls and goofs that seem so staged. We call it “America’s Funniest Bloopers.”

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  • Grape lady falls!

    Grape lady falls!

    Check out my website! www.ommedu.com As seen on time magazine dot com this is known as one of the funniest videos in internet video history. Watch as a news reporter falls off the stage during a quick grape stomping contest. She is now infamously called the grape lady. So sit back and watch the grape lady fall! **May 30th 2011 update** Thanks to everyone who has watched our grape lady falls video over the years. It’s awesome to see that [...]

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  • An unusual crash for two race bikes

    An unusual crash for two race bikes

    At Magny-Cours, during a round of the promosport Championship: two riders crash and their bikes lock wheel bars and continue to pirouette on the ground: funny dancing bikes! Visit us & discover others great videos on www.motorstv.com

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  • LUCK Compilation 2010 || Best Luck of the Year || FUNNY || HD

    LUCK Compilation 2010 || Best Luck of the Year || FUNNY || HD

    Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: facebook.com Daily Funny Videos here: youtube.com Funny Videos on Facebook: www.facebook.com

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  • Fail Compilation February 2011 || TNL

    Fail Compilation February 2011 || TNL

    ÏMPORTANT: Please subscribe at my 2nd channel: www.youtube.com Stay up 2 date with all latest news from me. I will upload some funny photo’s, videos and more. You will also get background information on stuff. (NEW!!) Blog with daily pics/videos: twisternederland.blogspot.com Add me as a friend on Facebook www.facebook.com Like me here: www.facebook.com Follow me on Twitter (Dutch & English): twitter.com Voeg me toe als vriend (Dutch): twisternederland.hyves.nl Join de fanpage (Dutch): twisternl.hyves.nl The one and only real fail compilation [...]

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  • 38-Meter High Dive Goes Wrong

    38-Meter High Dive Goes Wrong

    Constable Velumurugan of the Tamil Nadu State Police gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘pain dive’. Check out our other stunts in this play list @ www.youtube.com

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  • Funny Stupid People!

    Funny Stupid People!

    READ BENNY HILL THEME TUNE IS THE MUSIC TAKE ALL OF YOUR COMPLAINTS ABOUT CLIPS THAT CAUSE OFFENCE TO FUNNY-VIDEOS.CO,UK AND EMAIL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU. Thanks to everyone who watches this video I hope you enjoy it!!! (: xx www.youtube.com/spongeblair Stupid People. Stupid Animals. Boxing. (not stupid…) THE REST IS THOUGH! & Helicopters. “why is stupid a guy fallig from his motorbike?” I dunno..most “funny videos” on Youtube include some kind of car/bike accident! ps..I DELETE LAME COMMENTS.

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