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  • Funny Fart

    Funny Fart

    Funny fart,ripped from a movie i guess. @I uploaded this video years ago, never thinking there will be so many hits. I noticed that there are some viewers who left criticisms (it’s not funny, I stole the video etc. etc.). In the initial description that I put up for this video, I said “Funny fart,ripped from a movie i guess.” I did not say that I ripped it, I just found it online, somewhere else and I decided to upload [...]

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  • VolleyBall (Rémi GAILLARD)

    VolleyBall (Rémi GAILLARD)

    Dangerously funny videos from France. Rémi Gaillard www.nimportequi.com

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    Compilation of hilarious baby videos from around the web PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!!!! youtube.com (NEW VIDEO EVERY FRIDAY) ******************************************* FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER – twitter.com FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK – facebook.com FOLLOW ME ON GOOGLE+ – gplus.to ******************************************* a Michael Mrucz production Click here to get free baby stuff and insightful baby and child care tips: www.onecshort.com

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  • Portugal fair play

    Portugal fair play

    www.youtube.com WATCH !! As the football experiences in different parts of the world illustrates an example of the Lisbon derby where viewers witnessed a situation that is difficult to see, for example, in the English Premier League matches … Video clip shows clearly that Benfica coach calls his goalie to fall on the lawn in order to”preserve”some time as this one did very awkward and somewhat funny way.

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  • Funny Videos – Funny Scare Pranks Compilation Top 10

    Funny Videos – Funny Scare Pranks Compilation Top 10

    Google+ plus.google.com FaceBook www.facebook.com Here are the top 10 videos from the first season of the Snowman Prank. Here you will see reactions of a guy who falls of his bike, police threatening to shoot, A woman asking Freaky if he has a eh hem. We have also included a few of our favorite girls screaming right up to the Knock out Punch on Jersey Shore. Be sure to subscribe for season 2 www.youtube.com Behind the scenes www.facebook.com Circle me? [...]

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  • Hi Everyone, Follow up Video. (Girl with a funny talent)

    Hi Everyone, Follow up Video. (Girl with a funny talent)

    For more videos like the facebook page below www.facebook.com Original video www.youtube.com

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  • Funniest Stand up Comedy Ever by Jim Carrey

    Funniest Stand up Comedy Ever by Jim Carrey

    Download Funny Jokes: tinyurl.com How To Be Funny & Do Stand Up Comedy: tinyurl.com FREE iPhone 5 (details apply): tinyurl.com FREE $250 Prepaid Gas Card (details apply): tinyurl.com FREE WEBINAR – How To Make Money Online: tinyurl.com FREE TIPS – “How To Make Money Online” Newsletter: www.HowToMakeMoneyNewsletter.com Jim Carrey before he was a star! Please rate, comment and subscribe for more stand-up comedy videos!

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  • “Funny Pranks” – Best Pranks of 2009

    “Funny Pranks” – Best Pranks of 2009

    Funny Pranks – Best Pranks of 2009 compilation. Highlights of our best pranks of the year. www.youtube.com -Check out all of our prank war videos by clicking the above link!

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  • Epic Funny Fail / Win / Luck Compilation 2012 | November | HD

    Epic Funny Fail / Win / Luck Compilation 2012 | November | HD

    SUBSCRIBE NOW DAILY FAIL COMPILATIONS!: tinyurl.com tinyurl.com tinyurl.com Tags: “fail compilation 2012 september” “september fail compilation 2012″ “fail luck compilation september” WTFailable “fail compilation september 2012″ “fail compilation 2012″ epic lol owned ownage “fail compilation” “fail win compilation 2012″ “fail compilation 2013″ Win Own bail Noob Fails Funny This is the FAIL COMPILATION for September 2012! The best fails of september 2012! Dont forget to rate and to give us a little feedback in the comments! The coolest,funniest and greatest [...]

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  • Top 10 Funny Pranks of 2012

    Top 10 Funny Pranks of 2012

    The Best Pranks of 2012. Original video links below. Subscribe for new compilations every Friday! – www.youtube.com If you want your videos featured on FailArmy submit them to failarmy.com Check out our Facebook! – http Great single fail clips – youtube.com 1. Miami Zombie Attack Prank www.youtube.com 2. Fight Me Prank www.youtube.com 3. Roommate Robbery prank www.youtube.com 4. Drive Thru Static Shock Fainting Prank www.youtube.com 5. Epic Shake Weight Prank! www.youtube.com 6. Campus Farting Prank www.youtube.com 7. HUMAN MANNEQUIN SCARE [...]

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  • Our Funny Cat: “Why Won’t He Wake Up to Play With Me?”

    Our Funny Cat: “Why Won’t He Wake Up to Play With Me?”

    DID YOU SEE US ON THE NATIONAL COMMERCIAL FOR GOOGLE CHROME??? Here is the link to the commercial: www.youtube.com and you will see us at about 17 seconds!!! Yay!! We’re superstars. LOL!! Hey Everybody! I finally uploaded another very small Bubbles video: check it out: youtu.be Dear Viewers, Malachi and I (my name is Mitone) would like to thank you for checking out our completely on-the-spot-and-unedited video of our furr-baby, Bubbles. Bubbles practically worships Mal, if cats did such things. [...]

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  • Football Funny Moments – Of All Time! HD

    Football Funny Moments – Of All Time! HD

    HAHAhaha FOLLOOW me on: Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Instagram: @Mata10i Feel free to subscribe. More videos are on the way.

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